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Private Twin Flame Reading

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Private Twin Flame Reading


Private Twin Flame Reading

from 47.00

Looking for clarity on your twin flame or possible twin flame?? Well, I've got answers! Twin flame readings answer any question you could possibly think of.

I use the ancient tarot system to tap into the all, providing accurate answers each time.

Each reading is designed to answer one specific question or situation.  You may also choose not to ask a question at all; the universe always has messages for you.


You can choose a standard, detailed, or in depth reading.  


1. Select the reading that suits your needs below.

2. Submit your payment via paypal.

3. In the paypal notes space include your question if your have one, as well as your name, and D.O.B. This information can also be emailed to:

(If there is no question included, you will receive an indepth monthly overview reading.)

4. Your reading will be emailed to you within 72 hours.


Under the 'About' section on the homepage click the 'Tarot Readings' tab for further details on tarot readings if needed.

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