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Meet The Owner

Meet Natural Muurmaid...

Natural Muurmaid has years of experience/certifications in the field of wellness and is the Founder/Creator of Natural Muurmaid Wellness Sanctuary and Melanated Mermaids Non-Profit Community.

Natural Muurmaid is emphatic and wise beyond her years; trust her to guide you on your journey to holistic health and wellness. She has helped many and looks forward to being of humble service to you!


Natural Muurmaid birthed (est. 2013) Natural Muurmaid Wellness Sanctuary by turning tragedy into triumph. Through great courage and endurance, she reclaimed her life and answered to the call of healing,

Natural Muurmaid Wellness Sanctuary is a safe haven for women recovering from abuse, addiction, depression, trauma, abandonment, and/or longing to belong.

Here, women are encouraged to Emerge Out Of The Abyss. We find our light through our darkness, therefore we are not prisoners of our past. Emerging Out Of The Abyss is overcoming past challenges and embracing the journey ahead.