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New Moon In Scorpio 2018

Deszerae Thomas



The New Moon in Scorpio is all about TRANSFORMATION!! This will be an emotional transformation for most because it will involve transmuting past wounds into wisdom and personal power. This is the final showdown (or "final test") between the ego & the soul…& the KEY to transforming from ego driven to soul driven is to stay connected to ourselves through our feelings rather than try & think our way to victory

Scorpio is a water sign that is all about FEELINGS. Many of us feel in different ways. Get in touch with your feelings during this New Moon in Scorpio cycle whether it's through art, music, writing, travel, solitude, taking on a new hobby, or masterful sex with your mate! Feeling will allow us to release what isn't needed and have the clarity to rebuild.

New Moon In Scorpio + YOU:

- Transformation.
- Release ego.
- Release denial.
- Honor your emotions.
- Be real with yourself.
- Don't fear the unknown.
- Confront inner conflicts.
- Be humble, or be humbled!
- Dedicate more time to yourself.
- Deal with wounds that need to be healed.
- Know your intentions behind your choices.
- Break your silence only when necessary!