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Mermaid Diaries



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Strength Through Strike... Weathering The Storm.

Deszerae Thomas

We just wrapped up our Gratitude Challenge about a week ago and it proved that we have a lot to be grateful for. In the midst of the challenge there was a Total Solar Eclipse, Dick Gregory transitioned, and we saw the devastation of Hurricane Matthew. Now we are seeing the devastation of Hurricane Irma which may be followed up by Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Katia. Rather it's caused by Mother Nature or is man made tons of lives have been changed over night.

As mermaids, water is a part of our lineage. Atlantis wasn't all "peaches and vegan cream"! There is still a "war" on the mermaids now. The fear, pain and suffering of those around are just reflections of us being weak to our own power. It's now time to tap into our natural abilities and form deep connections with our bodies, the bodies around us and the body of the earth. A mantra that I learned from an elder is, "Earth My Body, Water My Blood, Air My Breath, and, Fire My Spirit!" We listen and flow with the earth and her shifts and changes. We practice remembrance, manifestation, and rituals in alignment with her seasons. We overstand that we are of her and can harness her power and this is why we are feared. This is why we are hated. This is why we are attacked. Just like how we can cast spells, so can Mother Earth. She casts spells of beauty, love and abundance (hence, our creation.. we are a manifestation of her) and she, too, is targeted for being angry and vengeful when she tries to heal herself. We must have a "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" mentality. We must continue to push forward. This is why we must acknowledge the power of Yemaya, the strength in our audacity to be our own temples, our own rescuers, and our own healers. Magic is within us whether we have physical material items or not.

Having strength through strike is powerful. It begins with observing. Not all actions deserve a reaction. We watch and wait and participate in the art of divine timing. We are divine beings. It is our divine feminine energy that gives us strength. We are here to nurture the collapse of all that ails us, and help to usher in A NU era. We must remember that our ancestors birthed our path to freedom and it is our duty to lead the way for others. Mermaids work is the work of the people. It is the work we do to stabilize, strengthen, educate and support those who have forgotten the power within them. The voice within. The hero within.

During times of chaos, it is our duty to remember and share our knowledge of how to work and heal with ALL ELEMENTS!! We must be comfortable with Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. We must become ONE WITH THE ALL. Now is the time! We must pass on ways to regenerate with what remains when human inventions fail. When the electricity goes out, remember that you are an Electric Being! Tap into your ancestral powers. We are the ones who have to figure out why the world is still carrying on in this matter and find out where our magic fits into the madness. We have to keep fighting, thriving, casting and believing the way we have been but with unwavering consistency and fearlessness. Mermaids have to hold it down. It is our job to lead the way, to teach others how swim and to hold onto our truths and our beloveds until the walls fall down around us. It's sink or swim. This is the Age of Aquarius! Expect water.

inspired by Witches; mermaids & witches UNITED for humanity!!

Yemaya, formerly known as Gypsy...

Deszerae Thomas

Peace, love & light!!

So, a lot of folks have been asking me about my name change... Gypsy just simply no longer resonates with me. It was a phase of my life...

Let me explain,

There was a point when I was a "drifter" and a "traveler" but for all the wrong reasons... well, initially it was that way. It started off by me being surrounded by the wrong people and being in the wrong environments but I was secretly in search of something. Not just knowledge of self, something DEEPER!! Something I can't really explain... So my "Gypsy ways" turned into something more enlightening than the previous frequency I was upholding at the time.

I never thought to change my name again... or that I would change it. At the time it resonated with me because I was going through a suppressed awakening, but as I continued my journey of self discovery and self-love, I realized that Gypsy was a name that once felt safe to me as I began to detach, detox, and deprogam .... but the name still held baggage, oppression, hurt, and pain to it from what was taking place in my life during that time... but that's a whole nother story.

Yemaya, is who I am today!! All that Yemaya embodies resonates me with. The way I carry myself, treat others, live, love, navigate, etc. etc. etc. has completely changed from when I was Gypsy. Although I still love to travel and can drift away from the "real world" into my own little sea shell... I am a lot more stable and I just let like flow, like the ocean....


Yemaya, formerly known as Gypsy... always staying true to my convictions.