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Happy New Cycle 2019.. REVAMP!

Deszerae Thomas

Did I properly say Happy Nu Cycle?!
Happy 2019 My Lovesssss!!


January for me has been a month of rebuilding, restructuring, revamping, and rejuvenating my life and my business. My "new year" doesn't ever OFFICIALLY kick off until March so my apologies for not being as active in the month of January. I hope that your 2019 is off to a great start and I look forward to being able to help you have a prosperous 2019 if you so desire.

A lot has been taking place so far in 2019 and we're JUST getting started! Did you feel the shift during the recent Super Blood Wolf Moon? I know I did!! It even brought my menstrual cycle on 2 weeks early!! You can learn more about the recent shift HERE in my recent YouTube video.

2019 is the year of change as well as the year of 3 (mind-body-spirit), so it's crucial for us to make sure that we are all aligned during these shifting times. My Chakra Healing Course begins TOMORROW!! Keep an eye out for emails from me once a week to help guide us through these changing times on planet Earth. Read more about the course below.