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Mermaid Diaries



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Yemaya, formerly known as Gypsy...

Deszerae Thomas

Peace, love & light!!

So, a lot of folks have been asking me about my name change... Gypsy just simply no longer resonates with me. It was a phase of my life...

Let me explain,

There was a point when I was a "drifter" and a "traveler" but for all the wrong reasons... well, initially it was that way. It started off by me being surrounded by the wrong people and being in the wrong environments but I was secretly in search of something. Not just knowledge of self, something DEEPER!! Something I can't really explain... So my "Gypsy ways" turned into something more enlightening than the previous frequency I was upholding at the time.

I never thought to change my name again... or that I would change it. At the time it resonated with me because I was going through a suppressed awakening, but as I continued my journey of self discovery and self-love, I realized that Gypsy was a name that once felt safe to me as I began to detach, detox, and deprogam .... but the name still held baggage, oppression, hurt, and pain to it from what was taking place in my life during that time... but that's a whole nother story.

Yemaya, is who I am today!! All that Yemaya embodies resonates me with. The way I carry myself, treat others, live, love, navigate, etc. etc. etc. has completely changed from when I was Gypsy. Although I still love to travel and can drift away from the "real world" into my own little sea shell... I am a lot more stable and I just let like flow, like the ocean....


Yemaya, formerly known as Gypsy... always staying true to my convictions.