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Mermaid Diaries



Happy New Moon in Leo & Solar Eclipse!!

Deszerae Thomas

** Happy New Moon in Leo & Solar Eclipse **

This New Moon in Leo on 8/11 will be:




** Set your intentions on creativity, spontaneity, recognition, playfulness, sovereignty, and generosity. **
** Reignite your pleasure, passion, and self-expression. **
** Share your enduring sense of personal worth through creative expression. **
** Leo rules the sun! So have a burning desire to press forward and be the light that you are seeking in others! **


Aries // Aries Rising // New Moon Eclipse in the 5th house
Write about yourself as if you were a character in a movie.

Taurus // Taurus Rising // New Moon Eclipse in the 4th house
Describe all the things that make you feel safe and warm.

Gemini // Gemini Rising // New Moon Eclipse in the 3rd house
Write down 10 things you are curious about and the people you could ask about them.

Cancer // Cancer Rising // New Moon Eclipse in the 2nd house
List the reasons you undersell yourself and why they are not true.

Leo // Leo Rising // New Moon Eclipse in the 1st house
“I feel like I am living my soul purpose when I …”

Virgo // Virgo Rising // New Moon Eclipse in the 12th house
Ask your subconscious a question before you go to sleep, and journal about your dream in the morning.

Libra // Libra Rising // New Moon Eclipse in the 11th house
Create a vision board for the next six months.

Scorpio // Scorpio Rising // New Moon Eclipse in the 10th house
Write about the most recent time you felt a sense of achievement.

Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising // New Moon Eclipse in the 9th house
Travel to somewhere exotic in your mind and describe what you see.

Capricorn // Capricorn Rising // New Moon Eclipse in the 8th house
List all the qualities that make you a “good investment”—financially, sexually, energetically.

Aquarius // Aquarius Rising // New Moon Eclipse in the 7th house
Write down 5 ways you can have more fun in your closest relationships.

Pisces // Pisces Rising // New Moon Eclipse in the 6th house
“A healthy routine for me means …”

Happy Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse!!

Deszerae Thomas

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is:



The Solar Eclipse ushers us into a time of rapid growth and accelerated healing through our emotional experiences. Cancer is a very emotional and intuitive sign so you WILL be in your feelings. Honor your feelings and use your intuition in all situations. It's okay to "sleep on it" before giving someone an answer. Cancer is a water sign so remember to let it flow... perhaps treat yourself to a water food today such as Coconut ice cream or Melons! Mmm I know I WILL :)


- Focus on your needs first.
- Make sure that you are communicating effectively.
- Nurture yourself first then others.
- Enjoy quiet time for self to meditate & reflect!
- Plant seeds!
- Use the next 72 hrs. on self-care, setting your intentions & balance.

New Moon In Gemini.. Thoughts Are Things.

Deszerae Thomas



Happy New Moon in Gemini!! This new moon is all about affirmations. Did you watch the video I posted on YouTube about a week ago? I talked about how important thoughts and the words that we speak are to our lives, reality, and subconscious mind. CLICK HERE to watch if you have not yet seen it. This New Moon in Gemini is saying, "TALK TO ME NICE!!" while also forcing us to be mindful of our words and actions towards others. This New Moon will also heighten our intuition and our connection with higher consciousness. TAP IN! Pay attention to the signs and those who are around you. Is there balance?!

  • Talk with care.
  • Feel authentically.
  • Connect with love.
  • Speak truth. 
  • Use your intuition.
  • Clear clutter, mentally and physically.

Also, be mindful of what you decide to share publicly. Always remember that calculated risks are better than diving deep with uncertainty. Use this fast paced Supermoon Gemini energy to tie up loose ends and listen clearly to your own thoughts.


Peace & Prosperity,

Muurmaid Xo