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Mermaid Diaries



New Moon In Gemini.. Thoughts Are Things.

Deszerae Thomas



Happy New Moon in Gemini!! This new moon is all about affirmations. Did you watch the video I posted on YouTube about a week ago? I talked about how important thoughts and the words that we speak are to our lives, reality, and subconscious mind. CLICK HERE to watch if you have not yet seen it. This New Moon in Gemini is saying, "TALK TO ME NICE!!" while also forcing us to be mindful of our words and actions towards others. This New Moon will also heighten our intuition and our connection with higher consciousness. TAP IN! Pay attention to the signs and those who are around you. Is there balance?!

  • Talk with care.
  • Feel authentically.
  • Connect with love.
  • Speak truth. 
  • Use your intuition.
  • Clear clutter, mentally and physically.

Also, be mindful of what you decide to share publicly. Always remember that calculated risks are better than diving deep with uncertainty. Use this fast paced Supermoon Gemini energy to tie up loose ends and listen clearly to your own thoughts.


Peace & Prosperity,

Muurmaid Xo

Super Blood Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse!! 1/31/18.

Deszerae Thomas

** Happy Super Blue Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse!! **



What a beautiful trifecta event that is taking place today!! The cosmic collision of a Blue Moon, Super Moon, Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo!! This cosmic combination won't happen for another 40 years and won't take place in this sign for another 150 years!! A Blue Moon is when there is two full moons in one month. A Super Moon is when the moon is close to it's nearest approach to Earth which makes it appear larger... remember we kicked off January with a Super Moon, the biggest one of 2018!! A Blood Moon is when the moon has a tint of red on it from Earth's shadow cast during a Lunar Eclipse.

This is the BEST time for manifestation!! Set your intentions on your heart's true desires and release all that no longer serves you!! Did you carry some bullsh-t into 2018 with you that you know you should have left behind?? Now is the perfect opportunity to release, surrender & let go in order to welcome in BLISS!! It is also a great time to meditate, connect with nature, eat light & healthy, drink more water, and look inward!!

If you are feeling drained or uncertain it is absolutely common.. this moon energy is extremely strong. Focus on self. Allow the gravitational pull of the moon to help you to raise your vibrations, align your chakras, awaken your kundalini energy, and tap into yourself.


1/20-1/21 '18

Deszerae Thomas

Wow. So I've been in a sentimental mood. Jan. 20th marks 1 year since my cat Chess transitioned and Jan. 21st marked my Great Aunt Mary's 100th Birthday Celebration!! I am so grateful to be able to celebrate that milestone with my family!! She is the eldest member of my family and dedicated her life to children. To raising children, teaching children, giving children great values & life lessons.. When the microphone was handed to her to speak she cried and said, "I thank God for helping me with chose children." She only birthed one daughter but she adopted and raised many children. It inspired me to help to heal the generation behind me that are children and teens growing up in a world of "sex, drugs, and new aged hip hop". I am grateful to know her strength and wisdom.  I am empowered to give my all and to become an amazing mother one day.

When my cat Chess was physically here with me I felt like a mother to her. I really enjoyed the responsibility of taking care of her and watching after her although she was so independent and brave. The beautiful synchronicity of the physical and spiritual realm is that I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers at my Great Aunt's Birthday celebration which became a beautiful offering for Chess. I set it right next to her photo and I began to see the flowers become more alive.

Capricorn Season...